Tiger Snake Triticale Whiskey 55% - 700ml
Tiger Snake Triticale Whiskey 55% - 700ml
Tiger Snake Triticale Whiskey 55% - 700ml

Australia’s first Triticale Whiskey

Tiger Snake Triticale Whiskey 55% - 700ml

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Get ready to enjoy a truly unique Whiskey as we introduce our latest creation.

This Whiskey is made with triticale, an amazing grain that was created by combining Wheat and Rye in Scotland in the late 1800s.
The combination of these grains gives our Whiskey a fascinating twist. The bold and strong characteristics of Rye blend beautifully with the softer flavors inherited from Wheat.

After being distilled twice and carefully aged, each barrel selected for this Whiskey offers a distinct flavor profile.

This Whiskey drinks beautifully at 55%, but enhanced aroma and palate is achieved at 2 parts Whiskey to 1 part water.

This is a cracker of a Whiskey. 



Reveals roasted coffee, sweet honeysuckle and peppermint, vanilla, crème caramel and coconut with elegant florals, rose water and cardamom.


Sweet notes predominate, starting with honey, crème Brulée, then round fruits of pears, peaches and coconut.


Evolving to pepper, pine nut, roasted nuts, aniseed, and a touch of citrus, light apricot, vanilla and Szechwan pepper.