Dugite Australian Blended Whisky

Dugite Whiskey has been in the works since the day Cameron decided he wanted to craft a whiskey for any occasion, with the everyday Australian in mind.

This slippery spirit started to come to life in 2016, with the immediate thought being, how can we create something that’s approachable but outstanding?

After tinkering with single malt and mixed grain whisky blends we hit the nail on the head, bringing you Dugite Whiskey in all its glory with the first batch released in 2020.

We achieved the result we were looking for by working with the taller stills located in our Porongurup distillery, which impart our single malt with a lighter, fruitier style that works wonders with the flavour profile of the locally-grown grain.

Just like all Great Southern Distilling Co whiskeys, Dugite is aged in second-fill, ex-bourbon American oak casks and the bulk of our barrels are 200 litres.

These big barrels achieve the ultimate integration between the whiskey and the wood, resulting in an incredibly well-balanced and dare we say it, dangerously drinkable drop.

Rest this richly golden whiskey in a glass for a moment to allow it to develop. With burnt caramel and vanilla notes on the nose, upon sipping the drop there’s rye and corn on the palate and a hint of hazelnut. The mouthfeel is like that of a rich crema on coffee, and there’s a slight oiliness on the finish.

With a moderately long finish, there’s enough to savour while still tempting you to go back for more. It’s all rounded out by a final hint of vanilla.

Dugite is a whole new category of whiskey.