Limeburners Single Malt Whisky was the very first spirit that Cameron distilled, and from its humble beginnings back in 2004 has grown into a careful curation of internationally acclaimed and best selling whiskies. 


The Limeburners Core Collection include our entry-level whiskies, and a great jumping off point to discover the Limeburners style. 

All expressions in our core collection are produced using a solera method. This involves never completely emptying the barrels and blending the new batch with the previous one, and as the barrels are never completely emptied there will always be a little of the previous batches retained. This process is used to ensure the most consistent product possible, and means that a bottle from the Limeburners Core Collection that you purchase today will be as close as possible to one that you purchase in 5 years time (although being small batch and hand-crafted spirit, there may be some very subtle differences that a trained palate could detect). 

American Oak, Port Cask and Sherry Cask are all made in 1000 litre solera batches, and always bottled and released at an ABV of 43%.

Peated is made in a 700 litre solera batch, and is a slightly higher ABV at 48%. 


The Limeburners Cask Strength range includes the Port Cask Strength and Sherry Cask Strength expressions. These whiskies are all from a small batch and single barrel, which is recorded on the label when it is bottled. Aged in American Oak ex-Bourbon before being moved into Port or Sherry finishing casks, the whisky is standardised to an ABV of 61%. 


The Limeburners Premium Collection comprises the Directors Cut, Heavy Peat and Darkest Winter expressions. These are ultimate examples of super premium Australian Single Malt Whisky, and collectively have been awarded numerous accolades from prestigious competitions and reviewers both here and abroad. 

Darkest Winter is the only Limeburners expression that is bottled at the ABV it is in the barrel, and is the closest to drinking whisky straight from the cask. 

The Directors Cut range is a special single barrel release from Cameron’s collection of premium and interesting barrels. This expression is only released a handful of times each year, when Cameron identifies that a barrel is of especially high quality and worthy of being released under the Directors Cut label.