Tiger Snake Rye of the Tiger Whiskey 55% (R4 AWARD) - 700ml
Tiger Snake Rye of the Tiger Whiskey 700ml bottle on top of a barrel

Clean and light

Tiger Snake Rye of the Tiger Whiskey 55% (R4 AWARD) - 700ml

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Clean with notes of citrus and delicate vanilla, Rye of the Tiger is a true representation of Australian rye whiskey. 

Crafted from 100% Western Australian ingredients, it is masterfully distilled from a mash of 60% Rye and 40% Pale Malt Barley. 

Unlike some classic American ryes that typically feature a heavier pickle flavour, this whiskey tastes of gentle spices and light floral notes.

‘Rye of the Tiger’ emits aromas of sweet lemon cream and delicate vanilla, with ample malt and hints of nutmeg and cereal on the palate. 

Rye of the Tiger has been twice distilled in small batch copper pot stills at our Porongurup Distillery. The first distillation occurs in a 750 litre column still, and the spirit runs are distilled in a 9 meter tall 3,200 litre pot still (some tell us this is the tallest whisky still in Australia).

Each batch is a single cask that is hand bottled and numbered in keeping with our small batch tradition.



Spicy green pepper, herbs with grass, peppermint and light pear floral notes


Savoury stewed sour fruit from the Rye balanced alongside the sweet light fruits and vanilla from the oak


This whiskey finishes with savoury and herbal notes, yet mouth filling sweetness as it evolves with each sip