Limeburners Karri Honey Whisky Liqueur 500ml bottle

Smooth, sweet spices

Karri Honey Whisky Liqueur - 500ml

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Silky smooth with sweet spices and decadent honey, our Karri Honey Whisky Liqueur is a must-try spirit.

It is a rich blend of specially selected small batches of malt whisky, married with local Karri honey (unique to Western Australia) and infused with exotic spices. The liqueur has a pale golden hue and shows subtle herb and fruit aromas. Pleasant spirit warmth finishes with lingering flavours of honeycomb and spice. 

Karri Trees are among the tallest in the world, and only flower once every 12 to 20 years. These trees are endemic to the areas of our distilleries, making the honey that is produced by bees collecting this nectar some of the rarest honey in the world. 

This coveted recipe is based on a fusion of ancient Irish and Suisse recipes. Some of the herbs and spices present include cinnamon, coriander, exotic citrus, star anise and select Tahitian & Madagascan Vanillas.

Each barrel will exhibit its own unique characteristics, creating slight variation from batch to batch.