Giniversity x Suckfizzle Gin - 500ml
Giniversity x Suckfizzle Gin - 500ml

Giniversity x Suckfizzle Gin - 500ml

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Here at Giniversity in Margaret River it is the thrill of unchartered waters, limitless boundaries and new frontiers that drive our creators in the distillery. With vast experience in creating exceptional barrel aged craft Gin from local and regionally sourced barrels, we have teamed up with a local star to showcase true Margaret River excellence.

Stella Bella Wines is renowned for their multi-award winning SuckÔ¨Āzzle Margaret River Chardonnay. SuckÔ¨Āzzle is a vineyard; the most Southern vineyard in Margaret River, a wine; one of great complexity, texture and generosity teaming with oceanic flavours, and a story of Great Lords, especially the mischievous Lord Suckfizzle, it has harnessed the extreme elements of the sea, soil and ocean winds, all of which play a role in creating the perfect union in this Gin.

To create a unique Gin interpretation of Suckfizzle Chardonnay, we aged the spirit in a freshly decanted Suckfizzle Chardonnay Barrel for eight months, infusing its subtle flavours and imparting a sun kissed golden hue. Barrel lees, select coastal botanicals, sweet and citrus elements balanced with meadowsweet, married together with a touch of Augusta sea water, encapsulates the spirit and essence of Suckfizzle Chardonnay and the local coastal terroir.

This truly unique Gin that celebrates the collaboration of two great elements. To fully embrace the subtle spectrum of flavours from the gin, we recommend you enjoy it neat on ice or with soda, and maybe with a sliver of fresh lemon.


Rich and balanced. A clever combination of sweet, salty, savoury and acidity envelopes the palate in a surprising tide of sensory and cerebral pleasure, evoking a reflective pause before being beckoned to another sip. A hint of oak, some natural sweetness, spring pasture blossom, counterbalanced by coastal salt and earth, then finished with a clean citrus acidity. A wonderful flavour exploration, especially enjoyable after savouring a glass of Suckfizzle Chardonnay.




Augusta sea water