Giniversity Pure Vodka 38% - 500ml
Giniversity Pure Vodka 38% - 500ml

Velvety and refined

Giniversity Pure Vodka 38% - 500ml

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Introducing the latest addition to our Giniversity family: Giniversity Pure Vodka. This vodka has been crafted to embody the beauty of Australia's Margaret River region. Meticulously distilled using a unique grape base and softened with the region’s purest water, it results in an exquisite blend that redefines smoothness.

We chose grapes as the base for our vodka due to their natural sweetness and complexity, which impart a distinctively smooth and refined character to the spirit. Grapes contribute a subtle yet sophisticated flavour profile that elevates our vodka, ensuring a superior taste experience.

Whether you enjoy the simplicity of sipping neat spirits or the creativity of crafting cocktails, Giniversity Pure Vodka caters to all.