Giniversity 2023 Christmas Gin
Giniversity 2023 Christmas Gin

Giniversity 2023 Christmas Gin

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Cameron designed 2023 Christmas Gin to evoke the memories of his Australian childhood Christmas and features elements of a fruit and berry-based pies, pastries and flans. The gin boasts 15 botanicals, employing a blend of techniques from distillation to maceration to blending. The overall idea was to create a long, complex, fruity, and sweet gin with subtle spice, offering an opulent and well balance mouthfeel. 

The aroma is characterized by apple, various fruits, berry, and a hint of citrus and pepper. The flavour profile unfolds as a wave, with various botanicals, fruits, and spices appearing, evolving on the palate to keep people guessing about the flavours. 

For the garnish, we recommend a slice of fresh ginger.

Share and savour, before, during and after the Festive Season with family and friends!