Giniversity Pink Gin 500ml bottle
Giniversity Pink Gin 500ml bottle on a log with pink flowers on the background
Giniversity Pink Gin 500ml bottle next to a Pink Gin Spritz cocktail with a slice of lemon as a garnish

Giniversity Pink Gin - 500ml

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A thirst-quenching gin with soft sweetness on the palate, Pink Gin is inspired by warm days in Margaret River and juicy South West summer fruits.

Quandong, fig, apple, and berries are all stand-out notes in this fun and fruity gin. We’ve also added a backing of citrus and a hint of rose petal for a light, delicate finish.

Pink in hue, this gin is made for occasions that call for an extra splash of fun.

We recommend pairing this delightful gin with a slice of dehydrated or fresh green apple as a garnish, and premium Mediterranean tonic over plenty of ice.