Giniversity Australian Native Gin 500ml bottle
Giniversity Australian Native 500ml bottle on a log
Giniversity Australian Native 500ml bottle next to a Cosmopolitan cocktail

Giniversity Australian Native Gin

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Prepared using native Geraldton wax, lemon myrtle and the unique Australian fruit, emu plum, Australian Native Gin pays homage to the world recognised biodiversity in our corner of the globe. 

Named for the emu’s penchant to seek out this rare indigo fruit across extreme distances, emu plum provides this gin with earthy undertones, which is complemented by the lemongrass notes of the Geraldton wax.

We recommend you pair this light and elegant gin with a wedge of plum and basil leaf, and top with premium Mediterranean tonic for a refreshing, well-balanced beverage.


Emu Plum

Geraldton Wax

Lemon Myrtle