Limeburners Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee Beans - 250g

Limeburners Whisky Barrel Aged Coffee Beans - 250g

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Especially commissioned by the Great Southern Distilling Company, this package of green organic Colombian Coffee beans were aged in a Limeburners Whisky Barrel.

The ageing process allows the green coffee beans to absorb the embedded whisky barrel aromas, resulting in a wonderfully aromatic combination of whisky and coffee.  Once aged in our whisky barrel, the green beans are roasted by our friendly local coffee roaster and are hand packaged, freshly roasted to capture the complex flavours and oils developed in the roasting process.  The roasting process is long and slow, designed to retain the influence and aromas that can only come from time in a Limeburners Whisky Barrel. 

This whisky barrel ageing process ensures the perfect match and accompaniment for your daily coffee.  Like all Limeburners Whisky expressions - our team works hard to craft something unique and memorable.

All processes and packaging are chosen to minimise environmental impacts.