It was a pleasure meeting you at the WA Cheese Week launch event.

Here's a list of the whiskies you had the opportunity to sample during the event. 

We wanted to provide you with some insights on how to enhance your experience by pairing these exceptional products with cheese and more.

american oak 43%

Based on our tasting experience, Limeburners American Oak 43% Whisky pairs beautifully with the following cheeses:

Mild Cheddar | The vanilla notes and malted barley characteristics of this Whisky will complement the mild and slightly tangy flavours of the Cheddar.

Blue Cheese | Limeburners American Oak 43% has upfront spice and complexity, making it an excellent match for the bold and pungent flavours of this cheese.

Gouda | Its nuttiness and smooth texture should pair wonderfully with the Whisky by maintaining a balanced and enjoyable overall flavours profile.

Limeburners American Oak 43% - 700ml

Retail: $152

Wholesale Unit (ex GST): $110.55

Wholesale Case (ex GST): $663.27

Sherry cask 43%

This single malt was first matured in ex-bourbon American oak barrels before being finished in an aged Sherry cask, imparting flavours of honeycomb, burnt orange and maple sweetness. We recommend pairing it with the following three cheeses to create a harmonious tasting experience:

Camembert | The Sherry cask influence and nuanced flavours can enhance the buttery and slightly earthy notes of the Camembert, resulting in a luxurious and velvety pairing.

Roquefort | The Sherry cask balances the intense, salty, and tangy flavours of this classic French blue cheese.

Gruyère | Known for its nutty and slightly salty taste, it can harmonize with the sherry-influenced profile of the Whisky. A well-rounded and comforting pairing.

Limeburners Sherry Cask 43% - 700ml

Retail: $152

Wholesale Unit (ex GST): $110.55

Wholesale Case (ex GST): $663.27

port cask 43%

Limeburners Port Cask 43% Whisky is a remarkable expression of Australian craftsmanship. Aged in ex-bourbon American oak barrels and further refined in Australian Port casks, it boasts a harmonious blend of flavours, including caramelized port wine raisins, stewed plums, and fresh nutmeg. This whisky's opulent and velvety character makes it a perfect match for various cheeses: 

Blue Cheese | The bold and complex flavours with its creamy texture and pungent aroma, can complement the rich and smooth character of Limeburners Port Cask 43%.

Brie | The creamy and buttery texture pairs beautifully with the caramelized notes and hints of fresh nutmeg of this Whisky.

Parmesan | The aged intensity of the Parmesan can be a perfect match for this Whisky. The full-bodied character can complement the savoury notes of this cheese.

Limeburners Port Cask 43% - 700ml

Retail: $152

Wholesale Unit (ex GST): $110.55

Wholesale Case (ex GST): $663.27

American oak whisky barrel shavings 100gr

Why not cold smoke your cheese using whisky barrel shavings? 

Limeburners American Oak Whisky Barrel Shavings can be usefully used to cold smoke hard and soft cheeses for extra depth of flavour. These premium shavings are from the heart of our recently emptied American Oak Whisky barrels and promise an exceptional cheese-smoking experience.

Whether you seek to deepen the colour, elevate the flavour, or simply desire a one-of-a-kind smoking medium, our shavings will deliver. Enjoy providing a homemade point of difference to your products or guests.

Retail: $12

To place an order, please contact: paul.burke@distillery.com.au

Our Limeburners club will be available soon and will give you access to exclusive limited editions.